Prepared by the Schedule Delay Analysis Standard Committee of the Construction Institute of ASCEThe American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCESchedule Delay Analysis, Standard ANSI/ASCE/CI 67-17 (ISBN (print): 9780784414361; ISBN (PDF): 9780784480861) “…presents guiding principles that can be used on construction projects to determine the impact of delays.”

Opportunities for schedule acceleration and schedule delay recovery

Weather is one of the top three reasons for missed milestones and schedule delays in the construction industry and built environment, with negative impacts costing billions of dollars each year in the US to contractors, owners and operators. In contrast to threats posed by bad weather, good weather presents opportunities to counterbalance schedule delay with schedule acceleration.


Voluntary acceleration occurs when a party accelerates to take advantage of weather, finish earlier than planned, or recover its own delays and acknowledges responsibility for its own costs. Voluntary acceleration typically is undertaken by a contractor or subcontractor but may also be undertaken by an owner. Each party on a construction project generally has the right to recover its own delays through voluntary acceleration, where possible.

Accordingly, weather decision support solutions help leading contractors, owners and operators identify periods of favorable weather during each work shift, work day and work week, in order to recover from past schedule delays, as a result of bad weather and other factors, such as labor availability, materials availability, design changes, systems coordination, and numerous other common causes of schedule delays across the asset and facility lifecycle.

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