October 15, 2018

CAMBRIDGE, MA — WeatherBuild®Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment®, is proud to announce the release of WeatherBuild Mobile version 1.3.1 on the AppStore. The release includes numerous new features and bug fixes, including the lightning strike log and lightning detail data.

Lightning Strike Log. The new Lightning Strike Log features total lightning strike (both in-cloud IC and cloud-to-ground CG) counts in each of the three zones (Advisory, Watch and Warning) specific to your exact project location — hyper-local (250-300m accuracy) and real-time (7-10s latency), triangulated by 20 sensors on average.

Leading contractors, owners and operators are using the new Lightning Strike Log to:

  1. Track live thunderstorms and active lightning strikes in real-time;
  2. Provide supporting data after lightning strikes expire for site shutdowns and respective productivity losses;
  3. Supplement regular safety reports on emergency action plans and safe shelter protocols;
  4. Identify components and equipment to inspect, when lightning strikes occur off shift damaging assets, and;
  5. Review historical data of lightning strikes for weather risk adjusted scheduling.

Lightning Detail Data. Lightning Strike Log features detail data on intensity and polarity, based on requests from our customers across the heavy, civil, industrial and energy sectors in new construction, during ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M), and for shutdowns-turnarounds-outages (STOs).

Numerous new features and bug fixes in WeatherBuild Mobile version 1.3.1:

  • Added Lightning Strike Log.
  • Added Lightning Detail Data.
  • Fixed an issue causing out-of-sync alert timestamps.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Lightning All Clear countdown timer to be stuck.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect display of today and tomorrow report times in Notification Settings.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the saving of notification settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing the share report buttons to be non-functional.

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