Enhance Accuracy, Reduce Risk & Leverage Technology for Superior Construction Strategy & Delivery

WeatherBuild®Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment®, is proud to announce that Skanska will be presenting the WeatherBuild Solutions during keynote speech at the Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2019 conference (www.advancing-construction-planning-scheduling.com) in Dallas, Texas. The theme of this year’s conference is “Enhance Accuracy, Reduce Risk & Leverage Technology for Superior Construction Strategy & Delivery.”

Outlining the Potential for Automated Processes to Tackle Schedule Consolidation

The keynote speech by the conference chair entitled “Outlining the Potential for Automated Processes to Tackle Schedule Consolidation” addresses three key areas of planning and scheduling construction projects:

  1. Identifying the status quo: where is the most room for improving the efficiency, speed, and quality of construction planning and scheduling?
  2. Benchmarking automation as a tool to overcome schedule consolidation: its application in our role
  3. Debating the emerging role of planners and schedulers: the importance of humanity in a technology-focused world

Seize Innovation & Guarantee Planning & Scheduling Excellence

Some of the many topics at the Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling 2019 conference (www.advancing-construction-planning-scheduling.com) in Dallas, Texas also include: Enhancing Communication & Reporting; Improving Speed & Accuracy of Monitoring & Updates; and, Investing in Planning for Enhanced Delivery. The conference features expert speakers from Skanska, Alberici ConstructorsThe Beck Group, Flatiron Construction, Gafcon, JE Dunn, Ryan Companies, Tellepsen, and many other leading construction organizations.

Further, a selection of attendees includes: Alberici Constructors, Andersen Construction, Andy J. Egan, Austin Industries, Brasfield & Gorie, Enable Midstream, Flatiron Construction, Hill & Wilkinson, Hollister Construction Services, Honeywell, Las Vegas Sands, Manhattan Construction Company, McCarthy Building Companies, Rogers-O’Brien Construction, Rosendin Electric, Shawmut Design & Construction, Swinerton, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Walbridge, and XL Construction.

(Source: https://advancing-construction-planning-scheduling.com)

About Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling

Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling is focused on alleviating the pressure and risk of consolidated schedules, exploring the role of technology, lean and innovation to optimize workforces and supply chains. Join leading planning and scheduling professionals to explore beyond CPM and ensure you get the job done on time for your clients. Make 2019 the year to get your planning & scheduling department ahead of the game. Featuring an expert 25+ speaker lineup, highlights for 2019 include:

  • Enhancing communication and reporting: hear how to innovate end-user friendly reporting, better analyze causes of delays, and harness BIM to ensure you and your team are fully informed at all times.
  • Improving updates and pre-planning: better monitor your KPIs, automate updates, and establish solid execution plans to keep in control and on track from end-to-end of your project.
  • Leveraging Lean and technology innovations: integrate new tools, processes, and methodologies into your builds to tackle schedule consolidation time after time.

(Source: https://advancing-construction-planning-scheduling.com)

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