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Construction Safety Week 2020: Built on Safety


Safety is not a rule, it’s a value and belief we all share.”

The construction industry joins together for Construction Safety Week 2020, an annual industry-wide education and awareness event. In support of Construction Safety Week 2020, ENR Engineering News-Record (www.enr.com) hosted a webinar to help construction stakeholders learn more about how to plan Safety Week events and how to build a safety culture.

Construction Safety Week 2020 Webinar Agenda

  • About Construction Safety Week
  • Construction Safety Week 2020: Built on Safety
  • Incident & Injury Free Forum (IIF) and Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI)
  • Construction Safety Week at Gilbane Building Company
  • Construction Safety Week at Kiewit
  • Construction Safety Week Planning Resources

During the ENR webinar, first, attendees learned about Construction Safety Week 2020, and the 2020 theme of “Built on Safety” from Construction Safety Week Chair Scott Cassels and Co-Chair Mike McKelvy. Second, Rebecca Severson, Vice President and Corporate Director of Safety at Gilbane Building Company discussed how Gilbane engages its teams during Construction Safety Week.

Third, Rand Magee, Director of Safety, Infrastructure Group at Kiewit Corporation, addressed Safety Week at the Kiewit Corporation, and one of the foundational components of Kiewit’s safety cultureCraft Voice in Safety (CVIS). And fourth, the speakers reviewed the numerous safety resources available online, to help safety managers and construction stakeholders plan for a successful Construction Safety Week 2020.

Construction Safety Week Planning Resources (ConstructionSafetyWeek.com)

  • Toolbox Talks
  • Jobsite Banners
  • Safety Culture White Papers
  • Social Media Toolkits
  • Media Relations Toolkits
  • Logos, PowerPoint Templates, Letterhead

Safety Week Chair, Executive Vice President at the Kiewit Corporation and President of Kiewit Infrastructure Group, Inc., Scott Cassels focused on family – the need for construction stakeholders and work crews to return home safe at the end of each shift for family. Safety is personal. Zero is possible – zero incidents is possible, as the OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (or Incident Rate) declines year over year.

Founders of the annual Construction Safety Week include Incident and Injury Free (IIF™) and the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI). “The IIF member companies are committed to creating a workplace dedicated to eliminating worker injury.” IFF is a “…safety mindset not about statistics, but about workers going home healthy every day, working in a safe environment, being treated with dignity and respect.”

Further, the goal of the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) is “…to influence the entire construction industry to work safely and to elevate safety awareness in the United States.” The five founding principles of the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) address common challenges and best practices – employee care, performance improvement, and executive support:

  1. Transparent review of common challenges
  2. Sharing of best practices – no trade secrets
  3. Focus on care of our people
  4. Significantly improve performance
  5. Change driven by executives

Construction Safety Week 2020 centers on “a time to pause and recommit to keeping people safe. The mission of Construction Safety Week is to “…strengthen our industry’s safety culture and performance by sharing best practices, tools and resources.” Construction Safety Week focuses “…on the impact our safe choices have on our team members, their families and the communities in which we live and work.”

(Source: Construction Safety Week 2020: Built on Safety)

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