Construction tech helps contractors combat difficulties

WeatherBuild®Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment®, is proud to be featured by CE – Construction Executive magazine in the September 2020 issue Innovation in a Time of Crisis. The article “Tech Sector Helps Contractors Combat the Difficulties of a Global Pandemic” by Rachel O’Connell highlights how the construction industry faces a dramatic landscape in the midst of COVID-19.

Contractors must embrace technology out of necessity

ABC’s Vice President of Construction Technology and Innovation, Matt Abeles describes WeatherBuild and the other technologies featured by Construction Executive as “deployable solutions” in the remote site monitoring and digital collaboration category. Further, Abeles affirms “I think technology has always been the solution… The aftereffect of COVID-19 has been that people must embrace technology not just as they want, but out of necessity.”

(Source: O’Connell, Rachel. “Innovation in a Time of Crisis: Tech Sector Helps Contractors Combat the Difficulties of a Global Pandemic.” Construction Executive, Construction Executive, 8 Sept. 2020,

(Image source: CE – Construction Executive)

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Headquartered in Cambridge, MA between Harvard and MIT, WeatherBuild® offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, safety risks and probable outcomes.

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