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Cool Weather Can Present a Fire Hazard on Home Building Sites

This week is Fire Prevention Week, an annual public outreach and awareness campaign organized by the National Fire Protection Association. With so many wildfires burning on the West Coast, home builders should be diligent about ensuring their job sites are free from fire hazards.

Many people associate hot, dry summer months with fire danger. But for home builders and remodelers working on home interiors, fall and winter can be a dangerous time. Many workers keep warm with space heaters and other heating devices, so extra care must be taken when using this equipment.

Also, builders should be acutely aware of any fire or burning risks associated with chemicals they may be using on a site.

NAHB has published a fire prevention toolkit to help builders keep residential construction sites as fire-resistant as possible using housekeeping and basic fire prevention tips:

  • Keep the work site clear of extraneous items and clean up spills immediately
  • Be aware of fuel and ignition sources on the job site and ensure proper placement and storage
  • Ensure rooms have proper ventilation before spraying paint and other solvents
  • Ensure temporary heaters are being properly used
  • Know and communicate your company’s fire protection plan
  • Keep fire extinguishers in easy reach and make sure workers are trained in their proper use

Also, be sure to check out the resources provided by the National Fire Protection Association.

Take this week as an opportunity to stop and really think about fire safety on your job sites.

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