Weather Enabled Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment®

Weather Enabled Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment®

Conventional building projects regularly see costs escalate and schedules lengthen due to unexpected events such as bad weather.
World Economic Forum
In the US, the estimated cost of weather-related delays (in construction) approaches $4 BN per year. More extreme climate means increased weather-related delays, damage and downtime.
Planning, BIM & Construction Today
Projects break down because planners do not take into account uncertainties such as bad weather... and supervisors have to rely on past experience and intuition.
McKinsey Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice
Contractors identified in annual reports that weather is a major risk to financial performance... Finding ways to manage Mother Nature will be critical to contractors’ success.
Aon Analyst & Construction Industry Expert
Increasing intensity, frequency and unpredictability of weather events -- driven by global warming -- are challenging traditional methods contractors use in project planning.
Risk & Insurance
Weather is a common cause of schedule delays, legal claims and economic losses in construction projects... weather extends project by an average of 20%
Construction Management and Economics Journal
Construction Industry Institute (CII) data highlights weather in top five leading causes of construction site delays.
Construction Industry Institute (CII)
Most construction projects run late, and a significant proportion of projects run over budget… the top cause for delays is weather.
IRMI Construction Risk Conference
WeatherBuild’s automated weather analysis complements any scheduling program or process with the risk management needed to prevent work delays and safety accidents.
Vice President of InnovationSkanska
The construction industry loses billions of dollars on delays and failures caused by bad weather. When planning for bad weather, (contractors) are in the risk management business.
WeatherBuild offers an automated toolkit of industry-leading weather analytics that fill mission-critical gaps missing in the Oracle, Trimble and Deltek offerings.
Vice President of InnovationSkanska
Construction companies around the world are exposed to delays caused by bad weather from excessive rain, snow, wind, and temperatures, or waves and currents in offshore environments.
Weather Risk Management Association
WeatherBuild’s deep schedule integration with Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is a game changer for the construction industry.

Senior DirectorPMA Consultants
WeatherBuild's hyper-local weather risk reports and real-time alerts give us actionable insights at the point of construction to optimize uptime and minimize downtime, during weather events such as wind events and lightning strikes.
Safety ManagerTurner
On sites outdoors, work centers around weather. As contractors, we need to be part meteorologist for both operations and safety. WeatherBuild enables us to eliminate the guesswork about weather events, schedule impacts and safety risks.
Safety ManagerSkanska
Integral to risk management, WeatherBuild enables us to evaluate the probability and intensity of weather events, schedule impacts and safety risks, minimizing threats of delay and maximizing opportunities for acceleration.
Project ManagerTurner
With WeatherBuild's weather risk reports and alerts, our project teams get advanced notice to better understand what we’re facing the next week, day and hour, so we can better plan our field operations and better communicate our safety risks.
Safety ManagerSkanska
The WeatherBuild Solution enables us to go back in the weather report logs and confirm if and when our project teams experienced weather delays, on what days and at what times, for historical record and risk management.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
We utilize WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports, which are specific to our project, unlike the generic weather forecasts from the National Weather Service.
Field EngineerWanzek, a MasTec Company
WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports with nowcasting, for the present time and for the immediate future, are great for us to assess the probability and intensity of weather events and schedule impacts, on-demand.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports are detailed for our project, and not as tiresome or monotonous as some of the other business-grade weather solutions.
Field EngineerWanzek, a MasTec Company
As an owner, safe and on-time project completion is mission-critical for us and our EPC contractors. Weather including wind and wind gust jeopardize the safety and impact the productivity of our crane offloading, rigging and lifting operations in the field.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
Inclement weather is the main factor for our project delays, negatively affecting our productivity, jeopardizing our critical path activities, and delaying our project completion.
Regional Scheduling ManagerTurner
High temperatures pose health and safety risks to our work crews, which can lead to heat stress, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. WeatherBuild’s reports provide us with early warning indicators to take proactive and preventive measures to mitigate risks.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
WeatherBuild provides us with dependable data to predict weather delay days, so we can plan for those weather delay days in the weather calendar of our scheduling software.
Regional Scheduling ManagerTurner
WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports help us optimize our work, to streamline our project execution, maintain our production rates, and minimize our productivity losses, for safe and on-time delivery.
Field EngineerWanzek, a MasTec Company
As a best practice in the field and on the work site, if we see weather risk reports with events and impacts that pose risks to the health and safety of our work crews and the environment, we remind our team members to take precautionary measures.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports help us identify critical “weather windows” to work during each of our work shifts.
Field EngineerWanzek, a MasTec Company
Weather risk management is one of our most important responsibilities to meet our commercial operation date and power purchase agreement -- wind turbines and transmission networks need to be constructed and commissioned on schedule.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
WeatherBuild is a crucial tool for gaining necessary insights about weather events and schedule impacts so project teams can make more well-informed decisions about productivity, safety and risk.
Construction Insurance & Business AttorneyCorporate Counsel & Division Counsel
As part of the handover from construction to commissioning to operations and maintenance, we review weather risk reports to ensure that the transition process meets our key milestones, on schedule or ahead of schedule.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
A project team must focus on mitigating the impacts of weather to maintain a project's budget, schedule, and quality requirements.
PrincipalEnergy & Infrastructure Services
Three measures of successful project delivery and weather risk management are safety, quality and production. We aim for zero recordable injuries and strive for high quality results across the lifecycle -- meeting all of our contract dates.
Construction ManagerAVANGRID
With WeatherBuild's ability to forecast hyper-local weather events, project teams can now take mitigating actions to maintain project requirements. WeatherBuild is invaluable.
PrincipalEnergy & Infrastructure Services
WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports are a quality assurance measure for our teams in the field, to help prevent property damage during our activities and operations.
Field EngineerWanzek, a MasTec Company
WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports help us to better evaluate our risks and secure our site, in advance of weather events.
Field EngineerWanzek, a MasTec Company
Planning for adverse weather and incorporating that into the project schedule is an essential practice for successful projects, in construction projects or any capital program where weather can influence its outcome.
AuthorAACE® International Recommended Practices
Greater than 60% of complex construction projects are not delivered by the due date, 15% - 30% due to weather, leading to cost overruns, benefit shortfalls, and stakeholder disputes.
The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

A Multi-Billion Dollar Problem

Weather is one of the top three reasons for missed milestones in the construction industry and built environment, with negative impacts costing billions of dollars.


Causes schedule delays and cost overruns


Decreases labor and equipment productivity


Jeopardizes material performance and work results


Leads to insurance claims and litigated disputes


Endangers health, safety and environment (HSE)

Weather Enabled Decision Support Solutions

WeatherBuild® offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, safety risks and probable outcomes.

Increase Productivity

Gain actionable insights in real-time at the point of construction and operations to optimize uptime of your crews and equipment.

Enhance Safety

Ensure the health, safety and environment (HSE) of your project, and safeguard your crews, materials, equipment and resources.

Manage Risk

Evaluate probability and intensity of events, impacts and outcomes, and maximize schedule opportunities to ensure your project goals.

WeatherBuild Solutions


WeatherBuild API

For developers, connect with the WeatherBuild Application Programming Interface and Webhooks to enhance partner solutions and internal applications

Join the leading contractors, owners and operators that leverage the WeatherBuild Solutions™ to increase productivity, enhance safety, and manage risk of weather events and schedule impacts.