CIOReview: WeatherBuild Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment

Adam Omansky, an established thought leader and recognized technology innovator in the construction and built environment industries, launched WeatherBuild to offer improved situational awareness to stakeholders in the construction and built environments to better assess weather related risks. WeatherBuild, based in Cambridge, MA, offers a suite of decision support solutions including hyper-local, site specific risk reports with automated delivery to project teams, hyper-local weather history reports with claims management tools, and enterprise-level integration with project-specific schedules.

Inclement weather is one of the top three reasons for missed milestones in the construction industry and built environment, with negative impacts costing the industry billions of dollars. Today, project stakeholders, including construction managers, general contractors, and facility owners, manually “connect the dots” between highly variable weather events and complex work schedules to assess potential risks and impacts. This is largely a manual, time intensive and reactive process relying on insufficient data. WeatherBuild’s proprietary analytics engine assesses the probability of weather-related impacts at your construction site and provides automated alerts so stakeholders can take proactive and preventative measures.

In the field and on the worksite, slowdowns and shutdowns due to weather decrease labor and equipment productivity, jeopardize material performance and work results, and endanger health, safety and the environment (HSE)–impacting successful project execution and safe, on-time, on-budget project completion. To illustrate three examples of weather events and schedule impacts, wind and wind gust impacts crane and rigging operations, low temperatures impact concrete work, and heavy rains impact earth moving.

Today, raw weather data is readily available from both public and private sources. Accordingly, WeatherBuild aggregates raw weather data from numerous sources into a mathematical model and transform it into hyper-local, hyper-accurate weather events at exact project locations, based on either standard or custom weather event criteria.

Leading contractors and owners can’t control the weather, but can take control of its impacts, both threats and opportunities, with WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports and solutions.

Leveraging its proprietary machine learning and predictive analytics, WeatherBuild classifies schedule activities at risk of being impacted by each of the weather events, and then pairs the schedule impacts with the causal events in weather risk reports. Omansky explains that WeatherBuild enterprise supports integration with project-specific schedules in Oracle Primavera P6 and other formats, enabling weather risk probability for each activity.

Omansky cites one of many examples where WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports are enabling a leading heavy industrial construction contractor and energy services owner to optimize work in “weather windows”:

WeatherBuild’s hyper-local weather risk reports help us optimize our work, to streamline our project execution, maintain our production rates, and minimize our productivity losses, for safe and on-time delivery.

Omansky takes pride in selling his previous company Vela Systems to Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK), now Autodesk BIM 360, cloud and mobile services for construction management and jobsite execution, one of Autodesk’s fastest growing-products ever. Now, he and his team are focused on developing ground-breaking solutions that unlock new value at the intersection of weather and logistics, starting across the lifecycle of the construction industry and built environment.


Join the leading contractors, owners and operators that leverage the WeatherBuild Solutions™ to increase productivity, enhance safety, and manage risk of weather events and schedule impacts.