In the aftermath of the most active month of any Atlantic hurricane season on record, with Category 5 Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, and with Category 4 Hurricane Jose, Terex ( Aerial Work Platform (AWP) support teams are traveling throughout the southern US to assess customers’ rental fleets and to help customers fix equipment.

Further, in support of its customers, Terex and Genie (, a Terex brand, issued water damage repair checklists for numerous Genie equipment such as boom lifts, trailer mounted booms, scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, vertical mast lifts, telehandlers, and materials lifts, and for the Deutz engines ( that power the equipment.

Genie released the following guidelines for addressing flood and water damaged construction equipment, machinery and engines, in order to help customers repair construction equipment, ensure proper maintenance, and enhance safe operation. Genie highlights the heightened responsibilities of equipment owners and fleet managers after flood and water damage.

In order for equipment owners and fleet managers to assess flood and water damaged construction equipment, whether the machine is partially submerged or fully submerged in water, complete disassembly is required. Then, Genie recommends a series of thorough visual inspections, repairs, and functional tests of each of the impacted components and systems.

More in the next blog post about guidelines for flood and water damaged construction equipment…

(Image Source: Genie SX-135 XC: The Genie SX-135 XC self-propelled telescopic boom delivers industry-leading outreach and capacity through the full working envelope for incredible operational versatility and accessibility. The SX-135XC model is the perfect choice for your customers to work on challenging jobsite applications while giving you the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Genie.)

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