October 23, 2017

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Skanska, world leading project development and construction group, highlights WeatherBuild®, Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment™, at a recent Urban Land Institute (ULI) technology event.

Responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is a nonprofit research and education organization with offices in Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, London, and Frankfurt, dedicated to providing “…leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.”

ULI’s Five Areas of Focus

Further, the ULI’s program of work spans a broad spectrum across the following five areas of focus, including innovation in development practice:

  1. Housing and Communities
  2. Real Estate Finance and Investment
  3. Sustainability and Economic Performance
  4. Innovation in Development Practice
  5. Shaping Successful Cities and Regions

Innovation in Development Practice

ULI’s applied research and education programs are based principally on best practices, on “what works,” and the process of real estate development remains central to the mission and to our members’ activities. ULI fosters innovation, but looks to practical experience and knowledge sharing to advance the state of the art.

Sharing Knowledge through Applied Research

“This Innovation in Development Practice pillar refers primarily to activities, at various scales, that are considered site-specific. ULI traditionally takes a case study approach, using real-world examples to illustrate broadly applicable principles and practices.” Further, ULI is committed to sharing knowledge through applied research.

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About the Urban Land Institute (ULI)

ULI is the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world. ULI is its members. Through our members’ dedication to the mission and their shared expertise, the Institute has been able to set standards of excellence in development practice. (Source: https://uli.org)

About Skanska US

At Skanska, we build for a better society. From hospitals to stadiums, airports to corporate headquarters, and power plants to tunnels and bridges, the important buildings and infrastructure we create help heal, transport, entertain and energize communities. (Source: http://www.usa.skanska.com)

About WeatherBuild

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, WeatherBuild® offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts and probable outcomes.

Increase productivity. Enhance safety. Manage risk.™

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