In support of its customers, Terex and Genie (, a Terex brand, issued water damage repair checklists for numerous Genie equipment such as boom lifts, trailer mounted booms, scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, vertical mast lifts, telehandlers, and materials lifts, and for the Deutz engines ( that power the equipment.

Complete disassembly is required, in order for equipment owners and fleet managers to assess flood and water damaged construction equipment, whether the machine is partially submerged or fully submerged in water. Terex and Genie recommend a series of thorough visual inspections, repairs, and functional tests of each of the impacted components and systems.

Terex and Genie offer the following list of required minimum repairs:

Mark the highest point of submersion for future reference during repair procedures. If such an indication is not evident, assume the machine was fully submerged. Thoroughly clean and visually inspect the machine to remove all mud, corrosion and debris. And, thoroughly clean all surfaces exposed to flood waters to prevent latent degradation of paint and hardware due to corrosion.

Important: If exposed to saltwater, the longterm corrosive effects on painted surfaces and hardware may be impossible to overcome. Consider refurbishment of flood and water damaged construction equipment, including complete disassembly, component/system replacement, media blast, new paint, and new hardware, for example.

  1. Replace any and all Electrical Circuit components submerged in water including, but not limited to:
    • Control systems and boxes
    • Motors, brakes and any drive controllers
    • Machine controls
    • Switches, sensors, and power cables
    • Ignition Start Module, fuses and fuse panel
    • Batteries
    • Cables, chain, pulleys and sheaves
  2. Disassemble, clean, and inspect all pinned joints, all boom sections and all bearing submerged surfaces.
    • Replace any and all wear pads, hardware, chains/cables, and any damaged components.
    • Clean, lubricate and reassemble.
  3. Drain and remove the covers from drive/torque hubs and inspect for water intrusion.
    • If water is present, disassemble the gearbox, clean and inspect for damage.
    • Replace any damaged components. Refill per service manual.
  4. For aerials, replace turntable bearing if submerged.
  5. Disassemble and inspect the Turntable Rotation Drive if submerged.
    • Clean and inspect for damage.
    • Replace any damaged components and refill per service manual.
  6. Remove all hydraulic cylinders, rotators, brakes, motors, pumps, manifolds and valves if submerged.
    • Repair components by a qualified hydraulic repair facility.
    • Replace all load holding valves on all cylinders.
  7. Replace the hydraulic power unit(s) if submerged.
  8. Drain the entire hydraulic system if submerged.
    • Clean and inspect the reservoir, refill and change filters per service manual.
  9. Drain the entire fuel system if submerged.
    • Clean and inspect the tank, refill and change filters per service manual.
  10. Contact the engine manufacturer for repair recommendations, if submerged.
  11. When all repairs are complete, an Annual Inspection must be performed before returning the machine to service.
  12. Sample the hydraulic oil and fuel after 1 hour of functional operation.
    • Analyze samples by a lab and follow the lab’s recommendations regarding oil changes, filtration intervals, or supplemental additives until a clean, water free, system is established.

More in the next blog post about guidelines for flood and water damaged construction equipment…

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