CIOApplications: WeatherBuild Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment

Weather is one of the top three reasons for missed milestones in the construction industry and built environment, with negative impacts costing billions of dollars each year in the U.S. alone. To address this huge problem, WeatherBuild® ( offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners, and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, and probable outcomes.

Leading contractors, owners, and operators leverage the WeatherBuild Solutions to increase productivity, enhance safety, and manage risk — across a broad spectrum of market sectors and project types, general building, heavy, civil, industrial, transportation, and energy, for example. Further, project and program stakeholders use WeatherBuild Solutions during the full lifecycle of the asset or facility, from construction and commissioning (Cx), to ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M), to shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs), to retrofits and repairs.

WeatherBuild is Co-founded by Adam Omansky and Applied Invention, a multidisciplinary innovation company. Prior to WeatherBuild, Adam was the Co-founder and Vice President of Product Strategy at Vela Systems, the leading field management and field BIM (Building Information Modeling) software company for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, acquired by Autodesk—now Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk’s “fastest growing product.”…

SOURCE: CIOApplications

Join the leading contractors, owners and operators that leverage the WeatherBuild Solutions™ to increase productivity, enhance safety, and manage risk of weather events and schedule impacts.