November 26, 2018

Weather Risk Adjusted Scheduling™ — plan for and react to forecast and actual weather events and schedule impacts

CAMBRIDGE, MA — WeatherBuild®Decision Support Solutions for the Construction Industry and Built Environment®, is proud to announce its continued participation as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).  WeatherBuild integrates with construction project schedules and maintenance site schedules, enabling weather risk probability for each activity or task.

Data exchange between WeatherBuild and Microsoft Project enhances weather decision support and weather risk management in master schedules and phase schedules for project management and in look-ahead plans and weekly production plans for production management.

Further, WeatherBuild supports interoperability with Microsoft Project, for Weather Risk Adjusted Scheduling™ — helping leading contractors and owners plan for and react to forecast and actual weather events and schedule impacts, and supporting time impact analysis (TIA) for risk management and dispute resolution.

“Streamline project, resource, and portfolio management with Microsoft Project to help you keep track of projects successfully.” Microsoft Project features project management, portfolio management, and resource management, and now weather risk management when leveraged together with Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) WeatherBuild.

Weather Risk Adjusted Scheduling™ is a trademark of Weather Build, Inc.

About WeatherBuild®

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, WeatherBuild® offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, safety risks and probable outcomes.

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