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The project supervisor shall obtain daily weather forecasts before beginning work and as frequently thereafter as required to monitor any potential weather problems.

General Safety Considerations for the Marine Contractor

When pile driving over water or performing any type of marine construction, there are numerous safety precautions one should consider. While the following is only a brief synopsis of some of the more common areas of concern, anyone performing such work should always proceed with caution.

Environmental Considerations

  • The project supervisor shall obtain daily weather forecasts before beginning work and as frequently thereafter as required to monitor any potential weather problems.
  • When a local weather storm warning exists, consideration shall be given to the recommendations of the manufacturer for securing the crane.
  • Work shall be halted when environmental conditions exceed those delineated on the load chart.
    • Truck- and crawler-cranes shall be attached to the barge or pontoon by means of a tie-down system with some slack.
    • Movement during lift operations is not permitted.
    • When loads approach the maximum rating of the crane or derrick, the person responsible for the job shall ascertain that the weight of the load has been determined within +/- 10% before it is lifted.
    • Means shall be provided for the operator to visually determine the list and trim of the barge or pontoon, as well as machinery list and trim in rotating crane cabs.
    • Principal walking surfaces shall be of a skid-resistant type.
    • Boom stops shall be provided to resist the boom fall backwards.
    • A boom angle indicator readable from the operator’s station shall be provided on all floating cranes.
    • All floating cranes/derricks and shipboard auxiliary cranes shall be fitted with load limiting devices (LLDs) or load indicating devices (LID).
  • Duty cycle operations are exempt from these requirements.
  • Duty cycle cranes performing occasional non-critical lifts shall comply with the following:
    • Total weight of load and rigging is known or calculated;
    • Load chart is reviewed for weight and planned radius;
    • Informal pre-lift meeting is held between all personnel directly involved (operator, rigger, etc.) to review the conditions present for that lift (environmental, configuration, etc.)
    • All floating cranes/derricks and crane barges shall be equipped with wind speed and direction indicating devices within clear view of the operator’s station.

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