Join pv magazine for a Quality Roundtable on May 30, 2019 at the Solar Power Southeast trade show in Atlanta.

Hurricanes, floods and damp heat: Quality Roundtable at Solar Power Southeast 2019

Agenda: Trouble in the South: Hurricanes, floods and damp heat

Weather events and environmental conditions on photovoltaics projects and solar sites

Join pv magazine for a Quality Roundtable on May 30, 2019 at the Solar Power Southeast trade show in Atlanta. pv magazine USA is a website for the U.S. photovoltaics (PV) community, focusing on developments in both business and technology. The Quality Roundtable at Solar Power Southeast 2019 will explore many of the unique challenges posed by weather events and environmental conditions on photovoltaics projects and solar sites in southern states.

Hurricanes, flooding, and challenges of warm weather and humid climate

Through both interactive investigations of “projects gone wrong” and panel discussions between industry experts, the Quality Roundtable will examine how to deal with the challenges of construction, commissioning (Cx), and operations and maintenance (O&M) of photovoltaics projects and solar sites across the southeast region of the United States, including hurricanes and flooding — and the ever-present challenges of warm weather and humid climate.

Weather-related experiences from the field and the lab

The panel discussion will feature numerous photovoltaic and solar industry experts, including NEXTrackerShoals, First Solar and PV Evolution Labs. The experts will share a wide range of weather-related experiences from the field and the lab to inform a broad spectrum of project stakeholders: developers, financiers, owners, operators, insurers, engineers, contractors, installers, and many others across the solar power industry.

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(Source: “Quality Roundtable @ Solar Power Southeast 2019.” Edited by Christian Roselund, Pv Magazine USA, Pv Magazine USA, 24 Apr. 2019,

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