Part 1 of a five-part series on weather risk assessments for the construction industry and built environment

  1. Part 1: Gather Data and Define Scope
  2. Part 2: Weather Risk Identification
  3. Part 3: Weather Risk Analysis
  4. Part 4: Weather Risk Evaluation
  5. Part 5: Weather Risk Communication

Gather data and define scope for weather risk assessments

The first two steps in the weather risk assessment process are first to gather data and second to define scope. Data includes hyper-local weather, station logs, schedule activities, equipment operations, and work results, as some of the many examples. Further, scope addresses a project phase or maintenance program, work breakdown structure (WBS), or activity breakdown structure (ABS), with weather-sensitive schedule activities and maintenance tasks.

Increasing productivity, enhancing safety, and managing risk

After gathering data and defining scope, the next step in the weather risk assessment process is to conduct the risk assessment itself. The weather risk assessment offers a broad spectrum of benefits for stakeholders — contractors, owners, operators, insurers, and others; increasing productivity, enhancing safety, and managing risk in order to achieve objectives of safe project delivery on schedule and within budget.

Cannot control the weather, but can control for weather

The four core components of the weather risk assessment process are: 1. weather risk identification; 2. weather risk analysis; 3. weather risk evaluation; and 4. weather risk communication. Contractors, owners, and operators cannot control the weather but can control for weather, by implementing weather risk assessment programs integrated together with project management workflows.

(Adapted from “Conducting a Risk Assessment.” The Role of Consensus Standards in Advancing Safety, American Society of Safety Professionals, 12 Jan. 2019.)

More in the next part on weather risk assessments for the construction industry and built environment…

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